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Brendon Blakemore, Chairman of ELC Systems Pty Ltd

JourneyTree is a progressive platform dedicated to providing a solution to some of the time-consuming reporting obligations required of the early learning sector. With over 16,000 early learning services reported to be operating in Australia today, the early learning environment is one that sorely needs some assistance to alleviate the workforce drain experienced in meeting national standards and reporting obligations.

Providing a sustainable solution to this workforce is a pressing need. I feel the industry demands a system which is reliable, easy to use, visually appealing and offers significant real-world benefits to end users and ultimately the children in their care.

As an Australian company we have invested significant resources into developing a custom designed system for Australian educators. Our developers are based here, and our team is on the ground consulting with educators, industry leaders and organisations across the nation. We believe it is the only way to get a comprehensive view of the way this sector works and its pressing needs.

We hear the cry far and wide, of educators extending their working hours into home time to cater for their reporting. We hear directors and their plea for a system where they can get a birds eye view of their staff’s reporting, teaching, and framework compliance so that they can run their businesses more efficiently. We listen to parents wanting to know what’s happening with their child’s progress and education, without having to navigate to online blogs, retrieve lost emails, or pin 10 notices to the fridge door.

Clearly the problem is one of communication.

I’m happy to say that JourneyTree goes a long way to helping this dilemma. Communication flows between parents and staff and back again. Directors have the records they need and reduce their liability by being more accountable for their staff. Educators can use the platform on the go, reducing the volume of deskwork. As we progress with the development, you will see JourneyTree become a standout performer in the industry – a tool that fits snuggly into an educators domain and helps with so many tasks.

Our anticipated release in 2015 was delayed following market research which demanded specific reporting features for centre directors. We decided to delay our market release in order to obtain resources to produce a state-of-the-art system, including a directors dashboard, which meets and exceeds current market needs. We are focused on delivering a sustainable platform which will stay the course – for now and into the future.

I am very pleased to report that in 2016 we have succeeded in securing the required resources and are committed to a high intensity development program which will see the JourneyTree platform delivered and performing in the marketplace this year.

As JourneyTree progresses, we will continue to liaise with Australian industry stakeholders to obtain vital feedback. We are listening to you. This product is ‘home grown’. We’ve planted the seed… by nurturing it, JourneyTree will always provide an experience which plays a vital role in the development of children’s education, every single day and every single minute they attend a learning facility.

Thank you for your support to date and we look forward to continuing this journey with you.

Brendon Blakemore

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