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Nobody knows early learning like you do – spend your time educating, simplifying your programming with easy to use tools and processes

Have confidence in creating, storing and sharing relevant content with your families and caregivers. Track each child’s development and achieved outcomes. Never ‘leave’ a child behind with comprehensive reporting and content contained within each child’s portfolio

Grow a keep-sake of experiences and development for the children in your care, capture all those special moments in the ‘Family Tree’ securely and safely.

With a system that works for you and not against you – even when internet speed is a challenge, programme with confidence simply and efficiently

Maintain your own creativity and flare while complying with regulation and policies. Stand out from the rest with ease and quality
Don’t just ‘tick and flick!’

Share content easily and securely through JourneyTree’s innovative systems and processes with all the tools you need

Create content by individual, class or group. Create planning and follow up actions easily linked within your programming

Show easily development progress, extensions of learning, next steps and follow up actions by child, classroom, centre or group.
Close the gap with comprehensive analysis tools easily identifying focus areas.

Produce transition reports and summative reporting whenever you need them, create tailored reports which suit the needs of you and your early learning centre.

Flexible & easy to use

Suits all levels of skill and experience and requires no prior knowledge of a similar system – even for those who are not tech savvy! We support you all the way!

Create content as you need!

JourneyTree helps by linking and ‘pulling through’ content to creative templates, digital feeds and a print ready overview of each child’s experiences

Multi-level tools all in one place

No need to log in and out of different systems or get confused with where you saved something. Everything is inside JourneyTree

Use photos, images, screenshots, text & documents

Communicate with your parents and management using any means you can think of! JourneyTree is more flexible than you can imagine


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Steps done with heart, soul, mind & strength

From small seeds, big things grow!

JourneyTree was created from a simple idea of keeping parents in touch with their children while at their child care and early learning centres.

For so many of us child care plays a key part of our children’s development – it seemed to our founding director, Bryn Jones that there had to be a better way for educators to provide families with updates and share the experiences our children have, while in early learning.

Bryn also believed that for parents and caregivers, receiving a memento of these early years was such a rewarding and valuable keepsake that all families cherished. As an advocate and educator in the early learning arena, Bryn knew he could make a difference for children, families and educators.
And so, the seed was planted!

In 2014, under the guidance of Bryn, the design, development and brand creation of JourneyTree began. The system was show cased across Australia in centres and at child care conferences where it was well received by educators and owners as an innovative, easy to use and beautiful system.

With great support and funding behind us, our local board and CEO were appointed and JourneyTree was launched into key centres in Australia where it soon became evident that there was so much more that we could do to alleviate the huge administrative workloads for centre staff, increase quality educational classroom time, streamline processes and save costs.

From the very first step we took in developing a system for ELCs, we knew we would always take a consultative approach with our system, not only listening to centre’s feedback but pre-empting what they need to make a difference in the development of children through key early learning years.

Based on this in 2017 we have launched JourneyTree Version 2 and with a strong depth of educational features we know we will remain at the forefront of early learning software.

We have added strong branches to our Tree with expert and local developers, client servicing and support, and multi-touch point customer contacts.

With so much more already in the development and testing stages, we’re excited about our next steps.Come on the Journey with us and be part of an innovative early learning system.



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