Encourage Early Readers With the Perfect Book Displays In Your Home!

Encourage Early Readers With the Perfect Book Displays in Your Home!

Books squashed into bookcases where they collect dust are becoming a thing of the past. For pre-schoolers and babies, you are likely to find them picking books that are creatively displayed and within their reach.
Here’s what you need to consider when displaying your books:

Are they within reach?

There’s not much point having books stacked so high that they can’t be reached by little ones. Eventually they will stop asking you to get them. Make sure there are enough books within reach of little hands.

Do they stand out?

Books that are facing outwards are much more likely to be picked up and read, rather than thrown and left in a pile! Make sure the titles and pictures are easy to see.

Are they in an inviting space?

An inviting space always encourages you to engage in the activity that the space suggests. Make the space inviting to their aesthetic, even get them involved in the décor. You will find that it’s a spot they will then spend plenty of time in!

Are they the right books?

Provide a variety of books within your child’s age range. Board books with brightly coloured, labelled photos are perfect for toddlers.

Are there the right amount of books?

Too many books can be overwhelming. Make sure you provide 5-6 books for early readers and rotate them weekly. They will soon develop favourites that will stay in the rotation for longer than that. Let them! Who doesn’t have a favourite book they could read over and over if given the chance?
Developing a love of reading is doesn’t need to be complicated! Zerotothree.org explains that toddlers develop a love of books by simply playing and exploring books. Find out more early literacy here.
To make your book displays stand out, consider these ideas!

Book Slings

Book slings are a fun, creative way to display books anywhere in the home, and on a budget.




Book Trees

A tree that grows books? Yes please! The simplicity in this allows creativity but still keeps the books as the most prominent part of the display!



Book Walls

Book walls are a great way to display many books facing outwards. You can have the top ones out of reach, and continually rotate the books by bringing swapping the ones up high for the ones down low.

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