Feelin’ Flat Out in Early Learning?

With another school term coming to an end, the pile of paperwork, reporting and compliance I’m sure is already building a long ‘to do’ list in the back of your minds – whether you’re an educator, director or both!

Being able to not only identify, track and document each educational outcome for each child – but also finding the time to scaffold and plan around a child’s early education is a never-ending labyrinth of paperwork and documentation.

And not just to meet compliance and regulatory requirements, while this is an important part of an early educator’s role – but also to ensure the development of each child through their early year’s journey is relevant and individualised.

In addition, the challenge for some centres of also wanting to build higher occupancy levels across days while building loyalty and retention with your existing families – the ability to keep your families abreast of the early years for their child is also paramount.

Add to this wanting to have quality discussions with parents and caregivers, and it’s no wonder you need another 6 hours in every day!

After talking but more importantly ‘listening’ to many of you in the child care industry during the last 2 years, we have been busy building even more features into our already intuitive and easy to use system. The release of Stage 2 is now rolling out and will be the first major upgrade to our platform since our launch last year. Stage 2 brings with it increased functionality in flexible formats, reporting and educational and management tools – as well as all the existing features.

‘Our Mission’ from Day 1 has always been to provide both ongoing development and improvement to how you can effectively manage and handle all the administrative requirements within your centre or group.

This is why we intrinsically made the decision to not be an ‘off the shelf’ provider but ensure we offered a deeper level of flexibility and formatting to add real value to how you can operate as a centre on all levels, while still keeping it a very easy to use and beautiful format.

Imagine having the ability to include your own centre or group’s pedagogy and tailored frameworks in a system that is easy to use with all levels of reporting at your fingertips!

And if you’re a Group Director, Multi-Centre Owner or Operations Manager, having the visibility of not only across your centres but within them – just makes sleeping at night a little bit easier!

We’ll never pretend to be the experts – because you are – but we will want to ensure you keep telling us everything you need to make your day flow better.

Only then can we really support and ‘thank you’ for what you do every day.

Stay in touch and talk again soon

Leanne, JourneyTree

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