Gearing Up For 2018

With job ads up more than 16% across Australia and businesses gearing up for both the Christmas season and the new year, it seems timely to consider how to support your business through this frantic period and to set them up for a platform of growth.

This is often a challenge for the typical SME owner/operators and even more so in the child care and early learning areas, where the balance of fixed costs versus occupancy is more tenuous while your family numbers build back up through the holiday period as parents return to their normal child care schedules.

For many centres the occupancy was a slower climb in 2017 as families juggled their annual leave balances with the cost of child care and for centre managers and owners retaining great staff in an already competitive job market with low numbers through Jan, is not what we want under the Christmas Tree.

Without being able to pull “rabbits out of your hat” this is really when having suppliers who want to support you through this market dynamic is a fresh and valuable approach.

So being able to retain great staff, attract new families while holding on to your current ones and manage your costs more effectively is a great way to start into the New Year on the front foot!

If you want to go on a different journey in 2018 with programming, parent attraction and retention, lower costs and happier staff talk to us and we’ll show you our journey.

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