Photo Books: The Best Educational and Nostalgic Gift This Christmas


Photo books at Christmas are a beautiful way to round off the year’s memories. They also provide you with a gift that grandparents will absolutely adore! Then there is the added bonus of keeping one for yourself so your family can look at them and see just how much they’ve grown and developed over time.
It might seem like photo books are simply a trip down Nostalgia Lane, but they are so much more than that. Photo books create a timeline for your child that helps them have a better understanding of themselves and their world.
Here’s 5 ways you can make photo books just right for gifts, but educational too!

1. Identify the seasons

Putting the images in your photo book in order of the calendar year means children can identify and clearly see the changes in our seasons. Photos of the beach, snow or park show obvious signs of seasonal variations; as do photos that show everyone rugged up or wearing shorts!

2. Talk about growth and change

Children grow and change a lot over one year. Comparing what they looked like and what they could do at the start of the year as opposed to the end of the year can help them see that as they grow they continue to change and learn new skills. They may have learnt to read more complex books, write longer words, draw more detailed pictures or hop on one foot – every little milestone can be commemorated.

3. Discuss belonging

Children who have a firm sense of belonging are more likely to feel secure and safe in their environment. Going over photos of the important people in children’s lives allows them to clarify their relationships, and their place within their social and familial circles. You can talk about their feelings towards family or close friends – your child’s ‘inner world’ – and those who are in their ‘outer world’, such as teachers or friends.

4. Brainstorm and get writing

Why not get your children’s creative juices flowing by having them choose a favourite photo to prompt a brainstorm session? It could be anything from “The Best Day of the Year!” to “It’s Beginning To Look Like Christmas!” Have them look at the photo and write down any words that come to mind, then use those words to formulate their own narrative.

5. Add the photo book to their reading collection

What’s better than a book that features you as one of the main characters? Yearly photo books can be a beautiful Christmas Eve present for everyone can cuddle up and read together. Adding text alongside the photos gives the book a ‘story’ feel and it will be a book they will ask you to read as part of their bedtime routine time and time again!
If you’re looking for the perfect software to create your Christmas photo book, look no further than JourneyTree. JourneyTree provides a secure and convenient way to store your child’s life story. It’s the perfect platform for your child’s Early Childhood Centre to add images, too!

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