Why Data Security Is So Important With JourneyTree

Why Data Security Is So Important For Early Learning Centres And Their Families

Watching a child learn, develop and grow is exciting and creates memories worth recording and treasuring.
Smartphones, tablets and computers make it simple for us to store and share information about our children. But high profile data security breaches, such as the ones we’ve seen affect Target, Kmart and Sony recently, are there to remind us how important it is to ensure we have excellent data security protocols.

Avoid future embarrassment for children

Dropping your child off at their early learning centre can be very difficult at times. It’s easy to worry that you’re missing out on witnessing significant milestones, and even the everyday discoveries your child is experiencing.
Online tools are an excellent way to bridge this gap between parent and carer, as well as a way to store special moments for the longer term.
However, some of these discoveries – such as using the toilet correctly for the first time – may not be something a child wants her friends to look at on her fifteenth birthday!
Information sharing is just so easy these days that we sometimes forget who the potential audience may be. It’s important to keep data about our children secure to avoid any future embarrassment.

Avoid criminal contact

It’s a sad fact of modern life that the internet can be a very unsafe place for our children when not managed securely.
The dangers faced by our children online are well recognised by the Australian Federal Police’s Online child sex exploitation unit. Predators seeking to ‘groom’ children for abuse may turn to the internet to find personal details, including photographs. Failing to secure the data we store about our children can make them a prime target.
It would be hard for a child to distinguish a stranger from a friend if the stranger seemed to know personal details about them. The child may think they’re talking to a friend of their parents, rather than someone who has simply hacked into an unsecured treasure trove of personal information about the child.

Keeping personal details private

Good data security ensures that information about families is safe from prying eyes. Even if your online information contains nothing particularly damaging to the family’s reputation or the child’s future, there are also issues like identity theft and credit card fraud to consider.
Data routinely collected by early learning centres and stored digitally includes:
• child’s name, address and date of birth;
• child’s medical history, including immunisations, accidents and illnesses;
• family relationship history, including any family court orders;
• behavioural challenges and development issues faced.
Aside from any potential criminal activity arising from security breaches, this is the kind of family information that’s often best kept in the hands of a few.
Using secure software, such as JourneyTree, to store information protects the privacy and safety of children and their families.

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